Our customers

Ayat Realestate (SACA)

A pioneer real estate company with which we have ongoing partnership in sourcing elevators, sanitary equipment and aluminum profiles for their apartments and condos.

Magercon Construction and Trading PLC

A construction giant with major involvement in building erection. We take pride of our service in sourcing and shipping construction finishing materials like granite, marble and porcelain.

Buna International Hotel

Located in the emerging city of Adama, we are pleased to provide full kitchen ware and accessories.

Haile Resort

Owned by the legendary track and field hero, Haile Gebreselasie, our company had the privilege of supplying part of the finishing materials.

Ararat Hotel PLC

Our service of sourcing and shipping ranged from construction finishing materials to bed sheets and kitchen wares for this excellent hotel.

International Stationery

Partnering with this company, we are supplying both ordinary and continuous paper products from the manufacturers in China.

Wow Furniture

A place where luxury is defined perfectly. We are proud to have sourced and supplied extraordinary collection of superb furniture.

The Yordanos Hotel (Mekelle)

As in other hotels we have rendered sourcing and shipping service of construction finishing materials.

Grazel Trading

A dominant name in import of floor tiles. Working with them, we had sourced a variety of luxury marbles and granites, not to mention excellent quality floor parquet.

Great Abyssinia PLC

Hotel project where we are sourcing finishing materials and hotel equipments for two four star hotels in the heart of Addis Ababa.

Webget Technology

Ourservices extended to sourcing innovative IT and banking technologies while working with this dynamic company.

Aberra Hotel

A family owned hotel where our service of sourcing and supplying construction finishing material added the value of the hotel.