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Newsletter 17

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  • Chinese Embassy, Companies Mourn Late Ethiopian Premier at Memorial Service in Ethiopia
  • China grants $23 million in support of Ethiopia’s   development
  • Ambassador Berhane holds talks with China business delegations

Chinese Embassy, Companies Mourn Late Ethiopian Premier at Memorial Service in Ethiopia

Staff of Chinese Embassy and representatives of Chinese companies operating in Ethiopia on Thursday August 30 2012, paid tribute and respect to the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi during a memorial service organized at the Commercial Counselor Office of the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Xie Xiaoyan, said as good friends of Ethiopia, the Chinese people join Ethiopians in sharing same feeling of deep sadness and sorrow over the untimely passing away of Prime Minister Meles.

The Ambassador hailed the great contribution the late Premier made to peace and stability, economic and social development of Ethiopia and development and prosperity of the African continent as well as addressing the global challenges facing the mankind of the world, said Xie.

"Prime Minister MelesZenawi's passing away is a great loss for Ethiopian and African people. However, the grand visions, ideas, and thoughts to guide the governance and development of Ethiopia that explored and promoted by the late PM has been accepted and took root deeply in the minds of the Ethiopian people," he said.

He also expressed his firm belief that while inheriting the late Premier's cherished spirit and legacy, the Ethiopian people would turn grief into strength and achieve greater accomplishment on the road to Ethiopian rejuvenation. He also told reporters that Meles played great role in bringing the relations between Ethiopia and China to a higher level.

Arega Hailu, Director General for Asia and Oceania Affairs within the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said "He puts China as the reliable strategic partner in national development, on regional and on common international interests. Hence, he loves to work close with the Chinese leadership,"

The Director General also indicated that Ethiopia would continue its relations with China with the next leadership.

He also recalled that China reaffirmed its commitment to Ethiopian government officials at the FOCAC Ministerial Meeting in Beijing, China to strengthen relations with Ethiopia and expand its cooperation to make Ethiopia's Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) successful.

He thanked the Chinese leadership for condolences sent to the Ethiopian government and families of the late PM, and also for organizing a High-Level Delegation to attend the funeral and the Chinese community in Ethiopia for organizing the Memorial Service and joining Ethiopians mourning PM Meles.



Ambassador Berhane holds talks with China business              delegations

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Berhane Gebrechristos held talks on Wednesday September 05 2012, with the Deputy Chair Person of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Guangdong Provincial Committee, Mr. Tang Guozhong, leading a business delegation on a visit to Ethiopia.

Mr. Tang, who said it was a first visit to Ethiopia for many of his delegation and for himself, said he was most impressed with the country and its peace-loving people. He said both countries experienced friendly relations with visits at the highest official levels and he emphasized that the Chinese Government would encourage local and regional authorities to maintain good relations with Ethiopia.

China had great potential in agricultural processing, he said, while this was not extensive in Ethiopia, and his government would work to expand product exchange.

Ambassador Birhane who noted that Ethiopia had huge potential, great opportunities and a suitable climate for investment, underlined the excellent people-to-people, government-to-government and party-to-party and market-to-market relationship Ethiopia has with China.

He stressed that Ethiopia would continue to work closely with China. He added that Ethiopia was a stable country and was working hard to bring stability, peace and security in the region and in Africa at large.

Tadesse Haile, the State Minister for Industry who attended the discussion, said Ethiopia has great potential in agriculture, in livestock in which Ethiopia stood first in Africa and seventh in the world, in milk processing and other areas, He said. It was more than ready to support and expand its already conducive environment for investment.

Mr. Tang Guozhong took the opportunity, on behalf of the Guangdong people, to invite officials from the Ministries of Industry, Agriculture and Tourism to Guangdong. The invitation was accepted.

China grants $23 million in support of Ethiopia's development

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister HaileMariam Dessalegn held talks with the Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Hui Liangyu in Addis Ababa on Monday September 03 2012.

 On the occasion, Hui Liangyu said China has provided the grant and the soft loan to support development activities in Ethiopia

And is keen on intensifying the long standing multi-lateral ties of the two countries. He said China will strengthen its cooperation with Ethiopia in the spheres of economy, diplomacy and transfer of science and technology.


The Vice PM has expressed deep condolences of Chinese Communist Party over the passing of PM Meles Zenawi.


Deputy Premier HaileMariam for his part praised China for the assistance it provided to Ethiopia.He said China is strong and genuine partner to Ethiopia in its effort to transform its economy from agriculture-led to Industry-led.


According to him, Ethiopia is committed to intensify its multi-lateral relation with China.He said leaders will follow the footsteps of PM Meles and strive to materialize his vision.

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